Quad Seal Mil-spec pouches

These Military Pouches are made in accordance to MIL DTL 117H dated April 30, 2001. This specification is approved for the use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense. Typically the inside dimensions (ID) are used for quoting, ordering, and manufacturing of Mil-Spec bags unless otherwise noted. The seal size is 3/8” on machine made pouches and ½” on hand made pouches. All Mil-Spec pouches have a 1/8” loading lip and are marked with the MIL DTL117 marking unless otherwise noted on the purchase order.

We can convert Mil-Spec materials into a Quad-Seal pouch configuration or what is commonly known as a side-gusset pouch. The side gussets are folded in toward the center of the pouch and 4 seals join the two sides to the front and back panel. These seals are typically 3/8”. The bottom seal is typically ¾” with an 1/8” skirt below it. The minimum order for this style of pouch is typically 5,000, the maximum width is 23”, and the maximum gusset dimension is 8.5” OD.

A quad-seal style, also known as corner seal bag has seals off to the four corners of the bag. These military pouches allow for greater flexibility. flexible packaging

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