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Flexible Barrier packaging

Military Bags

Mil-spec flexible barrier packaging materials is used for product packaging; one is to keep desirable elements in (such as flavor, aroma or a controlled atmosphere), and the other is to keep undesirable elements out (such as moisture, oxygen or other corrosive gases). Barrier Packaging is used to keep food fresh, prevent corrosion or rust, extend product shelf life and provide long term preservation.

Flexible Packaging

Military Bags

A package or container made of flexible or easily yielding materials that, when filled and closed, can be readily changed in shape. A term normally applied to bags, pouches, or wraps made of materials ranging in thickness from 13 to 75 micrometres (0.0b0á to 0.003 inch) such as paper, plastic film, foil, or combinations of these.

Military bags

Military Bags supply Military Packaging, and other types of flexible packaging, and Mil-spec packaging products. These products are not used for food or medical applications, but are used to package durable goods that the military and allied industries use. The packaging is designed for protection against oxygen, moisture, moisture vapor, UV, static electricity, and other environmental factors. The typical industries that serve the military and utilize this packaging is aerospace, metals, plastics, elastomers, gasket, o-ring, engine, weapon, ammunition, tools, missiles, ships, computers and other manufactures of “durable goods” that the military utilize.

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